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Copper Chimney Pots

Octagonal Base Copper Chimney Pots

*Rain Cap Sold Separately

Octagonal Base Copper Chimney Pot

Copper Chimney Pot Size Copper Chimney Pot Price
16″ x 30″ $1,925.00
21″ x 37″ $2,184.00

Square Base Copper Chimney Pots

*Rain Cap Sold Separately

Square Base Copper Chimney Pot

Copper Chimney Pot Size Copper Chimney Pot Price
14″ x 14″ x 26″ $1,606.00
21″ x 21″ x 33″ $1,925.00

Rain Cap Copper Chimney Pots

Copper Rain Caps

Copper Rain Cap Size Copper Rain Cap Price
All Sizes $418.00

Copper Chimney Pot Overview:

One of our top selling products is our French Curve Copper Chimney Cap. We also offer the Hip Roof Copper Chimney Cap, which we have customized, per our customer needs, as seen on our Chimney Cap product page. For those in the market for chimney pots, we offer the octagonal and square based chimney pots with the optional rain cap.

Copper Chimney Pot Details:

  • Our copper chimney pots are made with 16 oz copper with an optional rain cap for added weather protection.
  • Copper chimney pots provide protection from moisture, debris, and wildlife and provide ventilation for your fireplace.
  • Each of our chimney pots are handcrafted to fit your specifications.
  • Copper will last a lifetime and does not rot like wood, rust like steel, or crack like clay.
  • Copper chimney pots provide an elegant finishing touch to any home.
  • Patina finish available for an additional 10% (aged green copper look).
  • Chimney pans available for extra protection against the weather, prices vary upon size.

Measuring for a Copper Chimney Pot:

First, measure the flue (this is the pipe where the smoke comes out – usually square, rectangular, or round).

  • Measure the flue from side to side.
  • Measure the gap between the flues.
  • Measure the height of the tallest flue (how far it measures above the chimney crown).
  • Measure from the outer most flue to the outside edge of the chimney crown.

Measure the span of the flues (if more than one) from the outer most edge of the length and width. Second, measure the outer most point of the chimney crown (side to side).