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Copper Chimney Caps

French Curved Copper Chimney Caps

French Curved Copper Chimney Caps

Copper Chimney Cap Size Copper Chimney Cap Price
24″ x 24″ $1,920.00
24″ x 30″ $2,160.00
30″ x 60″ $3,595.00
48″ x 48″ $3,840.00

Hip Roof Copper Chimney Caps

Hip Roof Copper Chimney Caps

Copper Chimney Cap Size Copper Chimney Cap Price
24″ x 24″ $1,920.00
24″ x 30″ $2,160.00
30″ x 60″ $3,595.00
48″ x 48″ $3,840.00

Custom Copper Chimney Caps

Copper Chimney Cap Overview:

One of our top selling products is our French Curve Copper Chimney Cap. We also offer the Hip Roof Copper Chimney Cap, which we customize, per the roof pitch of your structure. Copper chimney caps, made from our 16 oz. copper, do not need to be cleaned or painted as they develop a natural patina, over time. Dependent on weather climates, the natural copper color will turn a rich, rustic brown (some shades of red, orange, and purple often visible), then progress to a deep, chocolate brown, and finally a beautiful, grey-green patina. An optional add on, to our copper chimney caps, is the patina finish (aged green copper look), as many customers are interested in the final copper aging appearance. Although we only have our French Curve and Hip Roof Chimney Caps listed, we welcome any custom copper chimney cap designs, to fit your project needs. If interested in the Hip Roof Chimney Cap, please provide the roof pitch, of your structure, when requesting a quote or placing an order. Instructions for measuring roof pitch can be found on our FAQ page. For those in the market for copper chimney pots, we offer the octagonal and square based chimney pots with the optional rain cap, as seen on our copper chimney pots page.

Copper Chimney Cap Details:

  • Our copper chimney caps are made with 16 oz copper with 1/4″ mesh screen (hardware cloth).
  • Copper chimney caps provide protection from moisture, debris, and wildlife and provide ventilation for your fireplace.
  • Each of our chimney caps are handcrafted to fit your specifications.
  • Copper will last a lifetime and does not rot like wood, rust like steel, or tear like cloth.
  • Copper chimney caps provide an elegant finishing touch to any home or business.
  • Patina finish available for an additional 10% (aged green copper look).

Copper Chimney Cap Standard Fireplace Profile


Measuring for a Copper Chimney Cap:

First, measure the flue (this is the pipe where the smoke comes out – usually square. rectangular, or round).

  • Measure the flue from side to side.
  • Measure the gap between the flues.
  • Measure the height of the tallest flue (how far it measures above the chimney crown).
  • Measure from the outer most flue to the outside edge of the chimney crown.
  • If you have a rectangular flue or more than one flue, you will most likely need a rectangular chimney cap.
  • Measure the span of the flues (if more than one) from the outer most edge of the length and width.

Second, measure the outer most point of the chimney crown (side to side).

NOTE: If you are interested in the Hip Roof Copper Chimney Cap, please provide your roof pitch and we will match the angle of your roof. See our FAQ page for measuring roof pitch.

Installing a Copper Chimney Cap:

  • Use clean, protective gloves when handling and installing copper chimney caps.
  • First, when working with copper sheet metal, always wear gloves, to protect your hands from cuts and scratches and also to protect the copper chimney cap from fingerprints.
  • Check the dimensions of your chimney crown and your copper chimney cap before you lift the copper chimney cap to the roof.
  • The next step is to check to see what type of material you will be mounting your copper chimney cap on: wood, stucco, brick, stone or concrete.
  • For wood you will need 1 1/4″ to 1 1/2″ deck screws.
  • For stucco with a wood backing you will need 1 1/2″ to 2″ deck screws.
  • For stucco with a brick backing, brick, stone, concrete you can use Tapcon masonry screws. Tapcon has 1/4″ x 1 1/4″ screw kits with bits.
  • Using at least 2 installers, lift the copper chimney cap and set it on the chimney crown.
  • You may want to mark the center of each side of the copper chimney cap and chimney crown for precise alignment. Once in place, you will need to drill 1/4″ holds in the skirt or flange horizontally and uniformly. Example: if your chimney cap is 18″ x 36″, on the 18″ side drill 2 holes 6″ from each end, on the 36″ side drill 2 holes 6″ from each end and one in the center.
  • Using the proper type screws, for the material of your chimney crown, secure the copper chimney cap in place.

Copper Chimney Cap Testimonial:

“We just finished installing the two French copper chimney caps that you made for us, and boy do they look great!  Also, please let your fabricators know that I appreciate the really fine work that they did. I have been doing copper fabrication and installation myself for over thirty years now, so I know excellent craftsmanship when I see it!”

French Curve Copper Chimney Caps~ Tom Clemmens, President,
Clemco Construction & Restoration Inc.